Embrace all the benefits of ecommerce with Shopify

Ecommerce is taking the world by storm and more and more companies are waking up to the benefits of selling online. Shopify gives you are quick, easy and affordable way to do just that.

Using Shopify, we help you build a powerful ecommerce website backed with a comprehensive set of tools to help you locate customers, drive sales and manage your customers.

Whether you’re just starting out or are already established, Shopify offers a single platform to sell to anyone whether it’s in person through point of sale or online.

Built in tools can help you create and execute digital marketing plans which open up a host of new customers and opportunities who can take your business onto the next level.

In addition, it also collates comprehensive metrics about each campaign allowing you to analyse results for future campaigns.

Features include:

  • Point of sale:Take payments both in person and online
  • Unlimited bandwidth and products:Enjoy an unlimited number of products and bandwidth for your site.
  • Fraud analysis:Track any transactions which appear suspicious.
  • Discount codes:Boost your sales with easy to apply discount codes.
  • Customer reports:Track buying behaviour and see your best sellers.
  • Abandoned cart recovery:See which customers abandoned their cart and encourage them to return.
  • Finance reports:View key information about your business which will help you thrive.

At Grange Web Design, we offer comprehensive experience in Shopify. Our friendly team can work with you to demonstrate the features of Shopify and help you get set up. We’ll take you step by step through the process to ensure a successful implementation.

Whether you’re getting online for the first time or you’re looking to bring an ecommerce functionality to your existing site, we can help you create a high-performance platform which boosts revenue and customer engagement

Our service is fully bespoke and designed to fit your needs. We’ll speak with you either over the phone, on Skype or in person at our offices in Cork to review your requirements and develop a Shopify offering tailored to your requirements and specific business goals.  

To find out more why not get in touch to book a meeting and discuss your requirements?