Top 5 Features of Shopify

Five ways in which Shopify can help you embrace the potential of ecommerce.

Packed full of features, Shopify offers an easily accessible solution to help you take payments online. Here are five of the best features which we think can be particularly useful for you and your business.  

  1. Software as a service

Unlike most other ecommerce platforms, Shopify works on a software as a service basis (SaaS). They handle all the technical details including hosting and domain names. There’s no need to download software or invest in expensive infrastructure.

Instead all you have to do is pay a monthly flat rate and they offer the ability to run your own web shop. It’s quick, simple, affordable and frees you up to do what you do best, especially if you’re just getting started with ecommerce.

  1. Abandoned cart recovery

Almost seven out of ten shopping carts get abandoned mid way through the process. Sometimes people changed their minds, but sometimes they might have got side tracked. What if there was some way you could remind them?

There is. Shopify allows you to navigate to orders and see a list of all customers who placed items in a basket, but didn’t move on to the checkout. The basic package allows you to manually create an email to send out to them. However, if you upgrade an abandoned cart app automatically generates an email to give them a little nudge.

  1. Reporting

One of the most useful features, if you understand how to use it, is the reporting feature. This can be found in the overview dashboard and is available even with the basic version. Locked within you’ll find a huge amount of information about activity on the site including:

  • Average order value
  • Which customers are returning
  • Conversion rate of the online shop
  • Revenue according to sources
  • Best selling products in terms of units
  • Most popular landing pages
  • Total sales
  • Sales resulting as part of a marketing campaign.

One of the most important features of any ecommerce platform is its ability to generate data for your business. This is intensely valuable. We all live in a data driven age in which information is becoming currency.  

With Shopify you can see all this information, identify which products are performing well, whether marketing campaigns have been successful and what customers are buying which products. This will deepen your engagement and increase revenue per customer.

  1. Multi-currency approach

Digital technology is turning every business into a global entity which is why the platforms recent move towards a multi-currency and multi lingual approach is so important. Its multicurrency beta feature allows you to sell to global customers in their local currencies. It’s a great tool which means you can offer a localised pricing for your clients around the world.


  1. Taking payments anywhere

Shopify helps you develop a truly omnichannel sales approach thanks to its point of sale app. This very simple solution involves a card reader which slots on top of a smartphone and allows you to take card payments in the real world.

Any sales this takes are instantly linked to your Shopify account so your accounting inventories match up regardless of where you’re taking payments from.

These are just five of the many features you’ll find on Shopify, but there are many more. That’s why it always helps to have a Shopify expert working with you to show you all the features and deliver an implementation which helps you get the most out of the platform.

As with anything else, it’s not just the technology which is important, but what you do with it.